Tuesday, 14 July 2009

day 2: 10/07/2009

in day two i have finished my research on the last 6 schools of the University which are respectively: Informatics, School of Computer Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages, Media, Arts and Design, Integrated Health and finally Law.After finishing my reserch of the Deans and Head of Departments's e-mails in order to obtain like this categorised lists of the post-grad students they have, i noticed some missing information on those schools home pages.1- for the School of Computer Sciences, the Dean's information is not available2- for Social Sicences, Humanities & languages, especially the Diplomatic Academic of London Department Mr Nabil Ayad the Head of Department has not displayed his e-mail address. in addition to that, the Head of Politics & International Relations has an e-mail address in Edinbrough University, no Westminster University e-mail address available. Lastly, no information shown about the head of Social & Historical Studies.3- for the Media, Arts and Design, except from the Dean Sally Feldman, the heads of the 4 Departments have not mentioned neither their names nor their contact e-mails4- in the Law School, there is one department's name remaining inactive, thus no information available about the staff.

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