Friday, 14 August 2009

day 8: working on the disseration tips

today i started working on how to build up a good dissertation as it has 30 credits, unfortunately, my work is going to be limited to the things i am aknwledged most means business; i.e. all the tips i am going to draw from my analysis of different dissertations in the library are about the WBS courses. however, i do believe that all gather somehow in the structure.
the first courses i started working on are Fiance and Accounting and i gathered the structure and work done by those who obtained distinction in this domain, by giving each one the structure he/she followed.
at the end of this research, i will post the results on the webpage under each course to help those who do not how to make up a good dissertation and never visit the library for that.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

day 7: found a sub solution

i found a discussion website in which i created a discussion forum but still not like chatting, and also sent Ms Dash an e-mail in order to make the PhD students all have the same space to chat togather, and i am waiting for her answer.
hope to find soon, a gadget for chatting rooms creations

day 7: back to work

i have not worked for a long on this small project but this period i can find a couple of hours to work on it, so today i started shaping the site Mr Coakes created and i am an owner in order to edit and make changes on it. i tailored the first home page to sound friendly and funny as the aim of this website is chatting first.
so for the first couple of hours, i tried to find the right video to fit inot this aim and finally i found one.
still looking for how ti introduce a chat room into the website itself
any suggestions?