Thursday, 10 September 2009

a day as the others

I received two days ago an answer from the WBS head to give me the green light in proceeding the PhD website and integrating the PhD information into our post grad website, which is good news, however, no other answer from the two other concerned departments, i.e. the Alumni and mentoring departments. this means that i will run out of time to finish the work well started because of autocratic procedures unfortunately.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

day 9: 2 sep

today, i tried my last shot to get those related to the website involved in building this space for post grad students and future mentors and PhD students.
i sent for the second time e-mails to those responsible for PhD students, Post grad students and Mentoring Scheme with a Cc to the ISLS Project Manager for a better credibility and a back up. i also arranged the website as Iqbal recommended in a tree plan better organised.
i hope this will trive those in charge to help improve the web site and also having access to it as future owners after i have finished with this studentship. like this there is continuity in the work and the website enhancement.
here is the link to the website created for this purpose

Friday, 14 August 2009

day 8: working on the disseration tips

today i started working on how to build up a good dissertation as it has 30 credits, unfortunately, my work is going to be limited to the things i am aknwledged most means business; i.e. all the tips i am going to draw from my analysis of different dissertations in the library are about the WBS courses. however, i do believe that all gather somehow in the structure.
the first courses i started working on are Fiance and Accounting and i gathered the structure and work done by those who obtained distinction in this domain, by giving each one the structure he/she followed.
at the end of this research, i will post the results on the webpage under each course to help those who do not how to make up a good dissertation and never visit the library for that.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

day 7: found a sub solution

i found a discussion website in which i created a discussion forum but still not like chatting, and also sent Ms Dash an e-mail in order to make the PhD students all have the same space to chat togather, and i am waiting for her answer.
hope to find soon, a gadget for chatting rooms creations

day 7: back to work

i have not worked for a long on this small project but this period i can find a couple of hours to work on it, so today i started shaping the site Mr Coakes created and i am an owner in order to edit and make changes on it. i tailored the first home page to sound friendly and funny as the aim of this website is chatting first.
so for the first couple of hours, i tried to find the right video to fit inot this aim and finally i found one.
still looking for how ti introduce a chat room into the website itself
any suggestions?

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

day 6: managing my hampers

Today, after working on different alternatives in order to find a way to obtain the post-grad students names. i had the golden opportunity to have a meeting with Catherine, Mr Coakes, Dr Coakes and Mr Hussain who helped me in finding an alternative for my hamper.
-setting a wesite to be dispalyed by Mr Coakes my mentor, where a chat room for post grad is going to be open for those students to share their concerns ans ideas.
other breakthroughs:
- working on a website for PhD students and potential PhD students in order to be shown how to be mentored or become mentors.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

day 4: 15/07/09

today, i tried to contact the Head of my Department in WBS in order to obtian more accurate information about the list of post grad students and their access. at the meantime, i planned the work to be done in case this list is accessible using three different alternatives. the first is to add in the personal level of chat setting an indicator of post-grad students after adding the list displayed by the heads.
The second is the add in the Chat icon, a new category for grouping post grad as it exists in chat rooms.
the third is to add in the setting menu a third choice of groups: post grad or others.
As i have not received an answer from the Head, i am working on the other idea of libraries connection by asking forst about the system used in each library.