Thursday, 10 September 2009

a day as the others

I received two days ago an answer from the WBS head to give me the green light in proceeding the PhD website and integrating the PhD information into our post grad website, which is good news, however, no other answer from the two other concerned departments, i.e. the Alumni and mentoring departments. this means that i will run out of time to finish the work well started because of autocratic procedures unfortunately.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

day 9: 2 sep

today, i tried my last shot to get those related to the website involved in building this space for post grad students and future mentors and PhD students.
i sent for the second time e-mails to those responsible for PhD students, Post grad students and Mentoring Scheme with a Cc to the ISLS Project Manager for a better credibility and a back up. i also arranged the website as Iqbal recommended in a tree plan better organised.
i hope this will trive those in charge to help improve the web site and also having access to it as future owners after i have finished with this studentship. like this there is continuity in the work and the website enhancement.
here is the link to the website created for this purpose